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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How I spent my Summer vacation

It's been a month since my last post. Nothing much has happened. You might say I've been on a Summer holiday.

So anyway, I had a little bit of cancer. They tell me it is gone now and not to worry, it will probably not come back - at least not in the place it showed its ugly face, because that place doesn't exist anymore in my body. They threw that out and everything else that surrounded it, leaving that portion of my guts with some vacancies that they filled up with some other spare parts that they moved in.

That's as near as I can come to explaining it. Something of a medical marvel, it seems, I was chosen to be part of an academic program to prove the efficacy of this particular procedure: a robotic laparascopic radical cystectomy. Luckily for me, the doctors at USC all seem to have been paying attention in class when this subject was discussed. From top (Dr. Gill and Dr. Skinner) to the residents (Dr. Patil and Dr. Chin) and the nursing staff at USC Hospital and the Norris Center, were spectacularly on top of their game.

So, now I am in recovery mode. How long? Well, a nurse said a rule of thumb was one month for each hour of surgery in order to be at full strength. I am told I was on the table for 9 and a half hours.

There are things I have to learn to do all over again. Things that I have been taking for granted have to become concentrated tasks. But that's okay. It's only a nuisance, sometimes embarrassing. Dignity is one of the first victims, and to tell the truth, I never felt very dignified anyway.


  1. Mort, I am so glad you are recovering now, and that you got the best specialists and treatment in town, sounds like. Wishing you patience and speedy recovery, speedier than even your doctors expect! There are better ways to spend summer vacation, of course, and I am glad you have the attitude that it's just a nuisance - it will help you greatly in your recovery process. I also believe that this potentially life-changing event would bring some very positive things into your life.