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Friday, October 05, 2007

Woes is me

A friend who knows me well chuckles about the black cloud that accompanies my life like a pet tarantula.

I have been in a computer generated coma for 4 days this week.

My hard disk crashed suddenly in the resulting storm, destroying forever about 20 gigs of data: settings, photos, music, case files of every sort, and the hopes and dreams of the last two years of my life.

None is recoverable and so I have to start fresh, as a virgin moving to a new town.

I spent the last day trying to get back online and reconstruct bookmarks, remember usernames, passwords, sites ...

The precious gem of Time is frittering away...


  1. what a pain in the ass! did you lose writing??? perhaps i have some things of yours i can email to you... let me know. also, did you try inquiring if one of those hard disk recovery companies can get your data back? depending how valuable it is, that could make sense.

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