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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In The News:

1. Governator Arnie vetoes a criminal procedure bill that would have required corroboration for jailhouse informants, taping of interrogations, and uniform identification routines. Police and "some" DA’s objected to the bill.

2. Matt Lauer’s hard hitting interrogation of Larry Craig reveals that he likes his wife and in not gay, bisexual, or liberal - that is, Craig, not Lauer. Lauer’s cross-examination technique makes Mike Wallace blush, requiring a transfusion. Matt asks hardball questions like: "Pardon me for asking, but weren’‘t those bloggers who outed you embarrassing to a real man like you?

3. PBS’s "Frontline" episode called "Cheney’s Law" exposes more about how our government works than any Poli. Sci. class in any college in America. Those of us old enough to remember the 70's call it "All The Vice-President’s Men."

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