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Monday, May 08, 2006

NEWS FLASH: Teens Lie About Sex!!!

Sunday's L.A. Times (May 7, 2006, P. A-21) headlined: "Many Youths Diosregard Their Virginity Pledges, Harvard Study Says."

The story was about a government sponsored study that interviewed 12-18 year olds in 1995 about their sexual activity and then re-interviewed them years later.

14,000 teens - virgins and nonvirgins - when first interviewed, had pledged to abstain from sex until marriage.

Now, the study found that more than half said they had broken their vows within a year.

If that wasn't shocking enough, the article contains the following revelations:

"... Of those who [claimed to have] had sex after telling the interviewers they had taken the pledge, 73% denied having made the pledge" in the first place.

The groups which had praised the virginity pledges as a rapidly growing positive trend toward reducing teen pregnancy and raising moral values sharply criticized the study's findings.

But they should have continued to read. The study should be praised for proving what we have suspected all along. Teens aren't sluts, after all.

In its final paragraphs, the article reveals:

"The adolescents were also unreliable in reporting their sexual experiences.
... More than a quarter of [those who had claimed to be] nonvirgins in the first interview who later took a virginity pledge said in the next interview that they had never had sex."

A researcher conlcuded:

"'This puts a lot of error in these studies...' Virginity pledgers ... are more likely to give bad information - unreliable data - about their sexual history.'"

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? The teens LIED to adults - AND get this:


So take heart, parents. Your kids are only wannabe skanks ... they dress, act, and talk that way cuz its cool ... but deep down, they're really Sandra Dee ...

Just ask them!

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