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Friday, May 19, 2006

Home Security and Immigration

I don't get Bush's immigration plan to spend millions to fence our nation's borders.

Doesn't he always say --- like when pushing the tax cut --- that people can do it better than government?

Oh, and who do you think they'll hire to do the building?

So, here's my idea. Why not another tax cut or tax credit for every homeowner to put fences around their own property to keep out the alien terrorists? What a boon to our economy.

The only problem I foresee is that we would have to clean, paint, re-roof ourselves, mow our own lawns. Stuff like that.

Sure, it might be inconvenient ... but with gas prices going to $10 a gallon, people will probably be staying home a lot more anyway ... and that's great for homeland security.

Or we might try something we hardly every do - try to solve a problem rather than toss political manure at it. Get to the root cause of why people come north for work. Because they want jobs and better life they can't get in their own country, which is hopelessly poor, corrupt, unjust - in other words what we used to call "a third world country."

How about a Marshall Plan for Mexico and Central America - an infusion of billions of dollars to finally break the cycle and lift those countries to the level of Canada, from which there doesn't seem to be an immigration crisis.

The likelihood of that happening is about equal to the fence stopping the flood.

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