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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


A proposal.
Some time ago I proposed a new reality show, a televised execution.

I thought the time was ripe for this ultimate melodrama, the real life death of an evil criminal.

Now, following the Casey Anthony trial on Twitter, Facebook, TRU TV, and other social network and cable outlets, the trial before the execution is ready for prime time.

So, here’s my pitch:

TITLE: "I, THE JURY" (with apologies to Mickey Spillane).

Simple high concept:

Don’t worry about constitutional objections. Not a problem.

Our Supreme Court is far more concerned with protecting and broadening the rights under the First Amendment: religion, press, speech, even if primarily commercial speech, corporations are "people", and the Second Amendment right to own and carry weapons of mass destruction than the less important provisions of the Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments (look them up, yourselves — before they disappear — I know you probably never learned about them in school).

After all, this is the ultimate of free speech and democracy. "The public’s right to know" trumps the mere technicality of the defendant’s right to a fair trial. As the current appellate courts remind us, a criminal defendant is not entitled to a "perfect trial."

Think of the possibilities for commercial tie-ins.

Product Endorsements:

(1) Lawyers’ wardrobes, accessories (Mont Blanc pens, computers, smartphones ...).

(2) Sales of rights for films, books, blogs.

(3) Ad placements in the courtroom.

I am so sorry that my legal career is winding down on the verge of this most wonderful era of criminal law.

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