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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Slick Barack"?

In the always shifting high stakes political hold em game, President Obama seems to be making some clever bets. On the other side of the table the playas seem confused. 

That's enough of stale deadens metaphors, whew. 
 It is interesting. Obama's poll numbers are up. The schizo electorate spanked him in November and he surprised by "getting things done" during the lame duck session. What he got done was to take hold of The Center while Republicans as a result of their win, lost the center and were pushed further toward the untenable extreme Right. Hahaha.

We oldies have seen this before. 1994. Clinton takes a licking after his and Hillary's health care crash. Newt becomes the Speaker of the House. He steers shapely Right. "the Contract With America" gave Clinton the opening to move to the Center, reduce deficits, fight crime, boost entrepreneurism (later known as "the dotcom bubble"). Newt sputtered as the economy improved and Slick Willy got re-elected. 

It may be Deja vu all over again. 

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