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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whining in The Gulf

Are you getting tired of the whining by officials and residents of Louisiana and Florida about the disastrous results of their own greed and negligence?

I am. These deep crimson states of the deep south have long supported the oil industry and other business development over traditional concerns about the risks to the environment. Now, they moan about the clean-up defects from one side of their mouths while from the other side they bemoan the loss of oil industry jobs.

Although they consistently opposed meaningful federal regulation of businesses, and favored jobs vs environment, politicians and residents in this region have the gall to blame the federal government for failing to regulate the oil companies and for failing to clean up the mess that non-regulation created.

In fact, we citizens of the rest of the country should be enraged at the behavior and neglect of these states. Every state has a responsibility to preserve its environment resources. This is true of our parks and coastlines. It is in our best interests to do so and it is our duty to do it for the benefit of all and for future generations.

Now, Louisianians and Floridians are reaping the harvest they sowed ... oil on their shores. Shame on them.

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