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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

While preparing for an upcoming trial, I leave one ear open for the political shows. As proof of my ability to multi-task, this is what I (think I) heard:

MSNBC: "... Based on our exit polling we are calling the state for McCain because none of the Huckabee supporters could find the right polling place..."

CNN: "... On the Democratic side, exit polling showed that Obama was preferred by people who described themselves as ‘cool dudes’and Clinton was favored by people who described themselves as ‘blondes.’..."

ESPN: "...Clinton won Massachusetts because of big margins among sports fans who used to boo Jim Rice and burn crosses on Bill Russell’s lawn..."

PBS: "... Obama won North Dakota and Utah because of overwhelming support of African American voters — both of them... This breaking news, the Black voter in Utah has been deported..."

CNN (Lou Dobbs):" ... Clinton is dominating the Hispanic vote in California, except for the one young Hispanic male who can’t get a fake driver’s license..."

MTV: When asked if Clinton’s wins in New York and New Jersey could be seen as a repudiation of his endorsement of Obama, Robert De Niro asked, 'Are you talkin’ to me? He insisted again and again that "He’s good, yes he is, he’s good'..."

FOX: "... As Criswell predicted, tornadoes in Tennessee suppressed the vote except for Huckabee supporters who saw it as a sign from God ..."

MILITARY CHANNEL: "... It was a night for home state loyalties: Huckabee and Clinton won Arkansas, Clinton also won New York, Romney won Massachusetts, Obama Illinois ... and McCain won Iraq and Afghanistan, narrowly lost Viet Nam, where he was fondly remembered, having resided in Hanoi for five years..."

Other than those developments, the highlight of my day was leaving a rollerball pen uncapped in the pocket of the first new dress shirt I've bought in a year.

The best news: Tomorrow not super Wednesday.

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