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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Last Death Journal - Epilogue

Can't remember feeling so ... not exactly relaxed, not wired for that. But tranquil, or maybe just calm ... kind of like you feel after an earthquake you survived after you check out the damage and decide you were lucky this time.

The decision to make it my last death case is liberating. Free from the angst of waiting for the next one to come. Cleaned up the file, caught up with bills, looked at my other cases. I've got two pending 187's, but they're the garden variety, not much at stake, just life max. That I can handle.

Played golf last week with a guy I've known for years, a former PD who told me he's tried 10 capital cases. Lost 3 to death row, and he's still taking them. Okay for him. His golf game sucks.

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